RAL Classic colour finder

Color System Visualizer

RAL 9017 Traffic black R030 G030 B030 C50 M30 Y50 K100 #1E1E1E
RAL 9018 Papyrus white R215 G215 B215 C10 M5 Y15 K10 #D7D7D7
RAL 9022 Pearl light grey R156 G156 B156 #9C9C9C
RAL 9023 Pearl dark grey R130 G130 B130 C15 M10 Y10 K50 #828282
RAL 9016 Traffic white R246 G246 B246 C0 M0 Y5 K0 #F6F6F6
RAL 9006 White aluminium R165 G165 B165 C35 M30 Y30 K10 #A5A5A5
RAL 9007 Grey aluminium R143 G143 B143 C35 M30 Y30 K15 #8F8F8F
RAL 9010 Pure white R255 G255 B255 C0 M0 Y5 K0 #FFFFFF
RAL 9011 Graphite black R028 G028 B028 C60 M45 Y30 K90 #1C1C1C
RAL 8029 Pearl copper R118 G060 B040 #763C28

Please note

The colours on your screen may differ from the original colour. All information is without guarantee. Further information on the RAL colour system can be found at: https://www.ral-farben.de/en/home/