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RAL 2003

RAL 2003 Pastel orange R255 G117 B020 C0 M70 Y90 K0 #FF7514

Anyone who owns, repairs or is involved in an accident with an electrically powered vehicle should be warned: cables with insulation coloured in RAL 2003 Pastel orange may be live or, to be more precise, they may be live with a life-threatening high voltage. Even alternating current voltages of 30 volts or more and direct current voltages of 60 volts or more can cause serious or fatal injuries or even arcs and fires. In some electric vehicles there may also be cables carrying more than 600 volts – not something for hobby tinkers! Some plugs and connecting cables for electrical appliances are also in RAL 2003 – a colour that is obviously charged. Yet it can also indicate corrosive agents. As a component of DIN 2403, it warns of hazards caused by acids or gases.

Apart from its warning effect, RAL 2003 is a cheerful, inviting colour tone that is also popular with fashion designers.

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