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RAL 1000

RAL 1000 Green beige R190 G189 B127 C5 M10 Y40 K10 #BEBD7F

“We live in the middle of a colourful world” writes author Michael Ziegler in his novel “das Grünbeige des Morgens” (The green beige of the morning), published in 2016. Green beige belongs to the colorfulness of the world and, as far as it is a technically reproducible colour shade, it tops the truly colourful list of the 191 different RAL colours as RAL 1000. The mixed colour from the yellow RAL segment was listed as RAL 20 m between 1932 and 1940 and – depending on the chosen saturation – is reminiscent of eggplant puree or pistachio ice cream. However saturated it is applied… …Green beige is one of the more reserved, unobtrusive RAL colours, ideal for understatement and calm surfaces.

In the RGB colour model, Green beige contains 80 percent red, 77.25 percent green and 56.08 percent blue. Popular areas of application are leather, windows, front doors and walls, as well as women’s clothing and Vespa scooters. In Italian it is called “beige verdastro” or… …RAL 1000.

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