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RAL 1003

RAL 1003 Signal yellow R229 G190 B001 C0 M35 Y100 K0 #E5BE01

Our eyes react especially to RAL 1003. Approaching wasps or vehicles in signal yellow are recognised by our eyes more often and faster than other objects, and therefore this colour means one thing in particular – danger – a characteristic it shares with Signal red. In technology, we make use of this obvious meaning and therefore design gas pipes according to DIN 4844 for safety markings in signal yellow and/or signal red. Technical barriers in driveways that serve as impact protection or moving elements from which a danger can emanate are also painted in RAL 1003 Signal yellow and often still have black lines so that they resemble dangerous-looking wasps. Protective vests are also often painted in Signal yellow or orange (RAL 2000 – 2012) and are additionally equipped with reflectors.

It is therefore not to be assumed that walls are painted completely in RAL 1003 – the effect of the signal colour on the human observer would be too stimulating. And so RAL 1003 Signal yellow remains the colour to draw attention, even to the popular Signal yellow Porsche whose driver should always notice the change from Signal yellow to Signal red (RAL 3001) in good time.

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