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RAL 3000

RAL 3000 Flame red R167 G41 B32 C10 M100 Y100 K20 #a72920

RAL 3000 is a colour tone that everyone has seen and that often means help or rescue in severe cases of danger. “Flame red” is an immensely important part of the RAL colour palette. A significant number of fire trucks in most of the German states are still painted or designed with this very striking and clearly visible colour. Until 2015, RAL 3000 was the main fire department colour in the DIN 14502-3 standard. Since then, the colour tone “Traffic red” (RAL 3020) is also frequently represented. Nonetheless, the classic colour of fire extinguishers, as many people know it, is “Flame red”. This colour was already part of the palette when the RAL colours were introduced in 1927. It was also the main colour of the Reichspost from 1934 to 1945.

As a signal colour today, Flame red stands for “Attention” or “Stop”, as it is used in the DIN standard 4844, which defines the design of safety signs used for the purpose of accident prevention, fire protection, protection against health hazards and for escape routes. RAL 3000 is used here, for example, for the colour of the “emergency stop” button.

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