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RAL 3003

RAL 3003 Ruby red R134 G26 B34 C30 M100 Y80 K20 #861a22

The colour blood red doesn´t exist in the RAL colour chart. If one speaks of visually pure red, which is often also referred to as bright red, the colour tones RAL 3020 (Traffic red) or RAL 3003 are usually meant. The shade which is listed as “Ruby red” in the list of classic RAL colours is often compared with the colour that can be seen in fresh arterial blood. Rubies in themselves don´t have a lot to do with it. In the case of the rubies, low levels of chrome provide the colour. The term, which comes from Medieval Latin, has been used for hundreds of years to describe a full, deep red. In England, sources date the use of the term “ruby red” as a colour back to the 16th century.

It is not surprising that RAL 3003 is very popular as vehicle paint. According to artist and photographer Franz Immoos, the colour is a “symbol of splendour and festivity”.

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