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RAL 6010

RAL 6010 Grass green R053 G104 B045 C80 M20 Y100 K25 #35682D

If distribution and quantity were the deciding factors, RAL 6010 should be one of the best known and most widespread colours in the world. Hue 6010 in the RAL list is in fact “Grass green”, describing the colour of grass. It is a matt, medium dark green which contains slightly more red than blue. Some green tones in the RAL colour spectrum in particular are quite similar, so that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between “Grass green” and, say, “Leaf green” or “May green”. By the way: the “grass green Russula” mushroom has the colour designation in its name, but normally appears as a rather pale green. The real “Grass green” is much more intense – like a beautiful, juicy meadow.

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