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RAL 6029

RAL 6029 Mint green R032 G096 B061 C100 M5 Y90 K30 #20603D

When one hears the word “mint” or “mint green”, for many people freshness immediately comes to mind, a vigorous green peppermint plant for example. Indeed, the colour “Mint green”, listed in the RAL colour chart as number 6029, is a very intense shade of green. This expressiveness of the colour may have been one of the reasons why the hue 6029 became the most common shade of green used by the German police from about the mid-1970s and thus the colour of emergency vehicles. For decades green-white was not only a synonym for the police in Germany but, with its full green tone, it was always easily recognisable and, above all, unmistakable. The fact that RAL 6029 is a colour with a signal value and is therefore excellently perceived contributes to this. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the German federal states have started to convert the classic green-white into the combination blue-silver, so that Mint green has disappeared from public attention (at least in road traffic). The reason for this conversion, by the way, was that cars from a police fleet with the base colour silver metallic are much easier to resell than cars with the base colour pure white.

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